Father Cícero Craft Artists Association
For those who appreciate popular art, the Father Cícero Craft Artists Association in Juazeiro do Norte (CE), is paradise on earth.
Zulmira Celestino da Silva
Zulmira Celestino da Silva seems to have emerged from one of the wooden sculptures she makes.
Celestino was born José Celestino da Silva (1955), in Juazeiro do Norte. Growing up among pilgrimages, churches and prayers.
Manuel Graciano
At 10 years old, Manuel Graciano Cardoso was still living in Santana do Cariri (CE), where he was born in 1926.
Cícera Fonseca da Silva, known as Ciça and the oldest of 11 siblings, was born in 1935 on a smallholding in Juazeiro do Norte.
Maria de Lourdes Cândido
Ciça’s sister, Maria de Lourdes Cândido was born in 1939 in Juazeiro do Norte. She used to live on a smallholding close to the city and had 4 children.
Maria do Socorro Cândido
The work by Maria do Socorro Cândido shows an evolution in the themes developed by her family.
Maria Cândido Monteiro
Maria Cândido Monteiro was born in 1961 and since she was a child she has watched her mother, and learned how to work with clay.
Raimundo signs his work Racar because his full name is Raimundo Caetano Rodrigues.
Adalberto Soares da Silva, known as Beto, was born in 1971 in the Cariri countryside. Brother of Cícero Araújo, a talented saint maker who died early in an accident.
Guiomar of the Old Ladies
One of the good things that happened to Guiomar Freitas Dantas was to live near Nino, one of the most important popular sculptors in Brazil.
Severino Silva de Souza signs his work as Verino. Maybe because there are so many Severinos in Ceará that it’s better to identify oneself with a single name.
Paulo Sérgio de Souza
Paulo Sérgio de Souza has been working at the Father Cícero Craft Artists Association for 10 years. At 22 his work is starting to be recognized.
Hércules Modesto de Souza
One of the youngest craft artists at the Father Cicero Craft Artists Association, Hércules Modesto de Souza explains what the institution means to him.
At 7 years of age, Petrus Cabral Filho, known as Peu, used to sand woodcarvings and sculptures for other artists.
Flávio Alves Gomes
Flávio Alves Gomes has worked at a bakery and done other odd jobs. Born in Fortaleza, Ceará, in 1959, he grew up watching his cousins working with wood.
For those who know the art of Juazeiro do Norte, there is one name who is unanimously admired: Nino.
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