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Travelling slowly through the impressive landscape of the Brazilian cerrado makes one wonder about an ocean. An ocean of stone, sand and lush vegetation that explodes into colourful shapes that resembles coral reefs.
But in the Center West there is also the Pantanal. It’s a flooded desert, if that’s possible, with its cowboys, its music, its flavours, stories and lots of water. The mixed ethnicities result in strong men and women, pioneers who are typically Brazilian. The Pantanal is what continues to link Mato Grosso do Sul and Mato Grosso.
The Center West is also Amazonic. It wouldn’t be untrue to say that the cerrado is one of the most diverse eco-systems in the world and unfortunately also the most unprotected. But there are hands that respect it. Hands that express themselves and are creative with whatever the land offers, clay, stone and wood. When talking of this traditional art and thinking of the Center West one mustn’t forget Conceição dos Bugres. Recognized as the principal sculptress in Mato Grosso she created human figures using a small axe. Without a doubt, Conceição’s work is the most expressive in this almost inhospitable landscape of the central region of Brazil, and because of this she was at the same time uncouth, sensitive and tender.
Sandstone sculptures by Paulão,
Aquidauana, MS
Aparício Silva’s tools for sculpting wood,
Anápolis, GO