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The Southeast region of Brazil includes the biggest cities in the country and the largest diversity of native tribes and immigrant cultures who moved to Brazil in search of work and wealth. São Paulo is the economic capital of the country, with over 11 million inhabitants. Rio de Janiero is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it’s in Minas Gerais that the São Francisco River, responsible for uniting the South East of the country with the North East, has it’s source. Minas is also the land of tales, farms, and famous artists such as Aleijadinho, the most important baroque sculptor in Brazil’s history. Large cities, economic power and the hope of a better future have attracted craft artists to the South East, many of whom ended up working in the building trade or retail and never returned home. Many sculpt, carve, assemble things, work with metal and charm us with creations that have their roots in the country’s native origins, despite all the cosmopolitan urban influences. As the many immigrants arrived, they became part of this incredible mix of different people that reflect Brazil so well.
Detail of bed cover woven in cotton
by Leontina Gonçalves Oliveira Amaral,
Berilo, MG
Detail of the Stone Garden ceiling
by Estevão Silva da Conceição,
São Paulo, SP