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The Northeast region is made up of nine states, occupying 1,561,178 km2. It boasts one of the most paradisiacal coastlines in the country and its complexity is expressed in its dry countryside and the rivers, Parnaíba, São Francisco and Jequitinhonha to name but a few of the many that cross the area.The unique local culture is famous worldwide. Here the strength and resistance of the people of the countryside can be seen along with their faith.
Northeastern men and women were the great explorers of Brazil, and without doubt everything made by their hands isn’t produced by chance but out of necessity.
Art has deep roots here and has spread to other regions of the country and abroad. The local festivals, music, lifestyle and faith are imprinted on every item produced by a multitude of artists, all of which we pay homage to in the few pages we feature here.
The Northeast is the land of icons like Lampião and Maria Bonita, Corisco and Dadá, Father Cícero and Master Vitalino. It’s the land of colourful fairs and musical festival. It’s here that the forró (regional music) and cordel (regi onal poetry) were born and where many clay dolls and toys come from. It’s the area that produced Master Noza and Nino along with some erudite artist such as Francisco Brennand and Master Didi. The Northeast, we could say, is made up of faith, happiness and a lot of stubbornness.
Detail of Master Nené’s clay workshop
in Maragogipinho, BA
Detail of Peu’s hands, miniaturist sculptor
from Juazeiro do Norte, CE