Some say that in Maranhão there is a party every day of the year, and even if there’s nothing official someone will find a new saint as an excuse to celebrate. It might be an exaggeration, but Maranhão has become famous for it’s regional festivals and the splendour of the folkloric event known as Bumba-Meu-Boi, which in some villages is still celebrated with traditional games, dances and songs instead of new technologies and special effects.
The party, which is centred around a mythical ox, is very traditional and important in Maranhão. Other folkloric expressions of Maranhão’s roots are the Tambor-de-Crioula and Caixeiras do Divino, events of unique beauty. Life in the countryside is hard, but blooms in magnificent artistic manifestations. The folkloric festivals are a major example of this, together with the work in clay and wood, which generates sacred and heretic characters with the same ease and the same beauty.
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