Jonatan Garcez Feitosa
Jonatan Garcez Feitosa was born in São Luís, in 1966. Son of a topographer, he used to help his father.
Terezinha Jansen
In the Bumba-Meu-Boi festival the sacred and the profane come together in a tradition that honours Saint John, the patron of cattle herders in Brazil.
Luiz Carlos Lima Santos
Luiz Carlos Lima Santos learned his trade by himself, observing others around him in São Luís, where he was born and where he still lives.
Abel Teixeira
If you ask Abel Teixeira whether he makes masks he will deny it. “I make ‘caretas’ (funny or ugly face), which is what Cazumba wears in the Ox festival.”
José de Alencar
Teacher José de Alencar’s life changed on the day he was fired from the primary school Fortunato Correia in Sao Luís (MA).
João Santeiro
Unaware of his own talent, João Santeiro (saint maker) explains his trade in a simple way: “I started because my father was a saint maker.
In 1977, when he was 16 years old, Francisco Souza Ferreira took part in a art exhibition in Brasília.
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