Jonatan Garcez Feitosa was born in São Luís, in 1966. Son of a topographer, he used to help his father. “I used to carry all his stuff and camp with him in the middle of the forest. Back then I already enjoyed drawing, and by measuring the land bit by bit I realised I wanted to work with my hands. At first I considered wood, but changed my mind.”
“In 1994 I started working with clay at Luiz Carlos Santos’ workshop. I learned a lot.” Today Jonatan has his own workshop at home. His favorite themes are regional festivals. “At first one of the carnival characters, Fofão, used to be made with a mask made of socks and a small nose. Then the papier maché was discovered and the masks became more colourful, more fun. The old people say that the carnival started as a street party and Fofão was a kind of jester. When I was a child I loved playing with him. There are other characters such as Cazumba who resurrects the ox (Boi-Bumbá). He’s a mixture of human and animal and carries a bell. He’s a kind of clown that wards off evil spirits. There are many other local festivals. And that’s the kind of thing I like to do.”
CAIXEIRAS DO DIVINO (Folkloric figures)
Painted clay, 12 cm tall.
Oficina Mãos na Massa collection
Painted clay, 40 cm tall.
Oficina Mãos na Massa collection
São Luís
Comunidade Quilombola de Itamatatiua
Center West
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