Master Kim
Joaquim José Alves has two big responsibilities. The first, to look after the museum named after his father-in-law and uncle, Master Dezinho.
Expedito Antônio dos Santos
Master Expedito was born in Domingos Mourão (PI), in the year 1933. He used to live a long way from the sea, but always loved boats.
Master Cornélio
In the year 1956, José Cornélio de Abreu was born in the town of Campo Maior, in Piauí. His family was poor and, Master Cornélio says that back then they “had to make do.
Mestre Paquinha
Marcos Fernando Rodrigues da Silva believes his first woodcarving was primitive in style. “It was a countryman taking water out of a well. I made it for a local fair.”
João Borges
If anyone asks João Borges whether his work represents Maranhão he says it doesn’t, it represents Piauí.
Pedro II
Center West
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