A new capital in the heart of the country links the many states that make up Brazil. This city was biult with art. Names such as Oscar Niemeyer and Lúcio Costa were responsible for the project of a city that surprised many with its futuristic audacity and size. A city to be contemplated. Brasília was born offering unique opportunities – the university, the art institutes, the architecture, the urban planning projects and the fact that it was going to be the centre of the country’s political power. The people who built the city however were almost forgotten. They came from all over the country to help build, wall by wall, street by street, the promise of national integration. People who, after the inauguration parties were over, moved to satellite cities in the suburbs, relegated to watch from a distance the huge buildings and avenues they helped to build. Some returned to their homelands or decided to seek work in neighbouring states. Of the ones who stayed many started doing what they had done in their places of origin. Their hands cut wood seeking odds and ends to create something new. And the ability to make something new out of whatever they could find seems to be in the blood of those who came and settled here.
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