Separated from Mato Grosso in 1977, Mato Grosso do Sul has always shown strong regional characteristics. There are courageous ranchers; strong native communities such as the Terena, Xavante and Kadiwéu, back land dwellers and immigrants. The result couldn’t be better. There is a mixture of colours, flavours and values that together build up a unique culture that develops to the rhythm of the regional music. The elders say that before huge plantations took over the land Mato Grosso do Sul was better. It was poorer, perhaps, but more colourful. Those colours still appear in the local dishes, music and art. Nature is exuberant, but badly treated.
The myriad of rivers and wetlands of the Pantanal and the intense heat make breathing hard for outsiders, who only slowly manage to adapt. The landscape, animals, birds, insects and the rich folklore are the most common themes for the local artists. From the mighty Paraná River sculptors get clay which is molded according to ancient techniques learnt from the local tribes.
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