Many people say Goiás is a huge source of traditions. The old capital of the state is well preserved and attracts tourists with its many cultural events, showing off the beauty acquired in the gold cycle (18th century). But the state of Goiás has traditions that can be seen and felt everywhere. Sheltered by the other states in the republic, Goiás is renovating itself with its new capital, Goiânia. Officially opened in 1942, the city brought a sense of modernization and better communication with the outside world, breaking through the isolation from the South and South east of Brazil. Nearby is Brasilia, the new capital of the country, which is an important centre of culture. Today, Goiás boasts an important group of artists of national and international prestige, such as Antônio Poteiro, Siron Franco and Cleber Gouvêa to name but a few.
The state of Goiás remains rooted in its religious and folkloric traditions, with its many beautiful festivals and events, and in this cradle emerges the art of working with clay, carving wood, decorating religious parties, patchwork, fibres and flowers, in a body of work that reflects Brazil in its entirety.
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