Valdir Agostinho
Valdir Agostinho is very proud of one of his titles – kite maker. Born in the neighborhood Barra da Lagoa, in Florianópolis, in 1956.
Antônio Machado
“I didn’t learn with anyone. My teachers were God and my own will, because without will you can’t do a thing.”
Maria Celeste Carvalho Neves
Maria Celeste Carvalho Neves’ father was the mayor of Florianópolis, and her entire family has a tradition in local politics.
Eli Heil
Eli Heil was an adult when she became very ill and was bedridden for 8 years. One day her brother arrived with a picture. She had a look and said, “I can do that, and better!”
João Olíbio da Silva
In the hands of João Olíbio da Silva, straw and banana tree fibres become paint and brushes. His pictures are portraits of Florianópolis today and yesterday.
Cláudio Agenor de Andrade
In 1860, in Florianópolis, the Andrade family built a grand house that to this day is very well looked after.
São José
Treze Tílias
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