The capital of Santa Catarina State – Florianópolis, nicknamed Floripa – has most of its territory on the island of Santa Catarina. Like the other states in the South Region, it is home to many European immigrants, but the island’s culture has a strong Azorean heritage. They were the ones who brought the lace making tradition, the same that is found on the coast of the North East. The Boi-de-Mamão festival is a variation of the North Eastern Bumba-Meu-Boi, but here it has retained more charm because it hasn’t become a big television event. The best local artists can be found in the hills and on the island. The fishermen still have a tradition of making nets and boats by hand. Clay, primarily found in Azorean style dishes, soon takes on other meanings in sculptures and objects. Wood is also transformed, and even thread, needles and pieces of paper become pictures and kites. Santa Catarina is extraordinarily rich culturally. The artists revealed here will certainly surprise many Brazilian people who know the area only for its natural beauty. As the old cliché goes, Santa Catarina has much more to offer.
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