In the state of Acre one question is paramount but is as yet unanswered: how can the relationship between man and forest develop without so much damage to both parties? Driving around in crowded buses and venturing inside the stretch of forest that occupies the westernmost corner of the country, everything seems distant, including the answer to that question. The nearest Ocean is the Pacific, and the further we advance the more we hear about the people of the forest, their knowledge and their charm. They are of mixed ethnicity and singular sensibility from which emerges the wisdom of ancient origin.
A grandfather who used to sculpt, a grandmother who used to weave, another who made baskets, a father and grandfather who worked with rubber, and so on. The fruits of the earth are the source for the craft artists we introduce here. All of them depend on the forest and know that in order to survive it’s essential that their art pay homage to the gifts Nature gives them.
Rio Branco
Cruzeiro do Sul
Sena Madureira
Center West
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